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Tornado Mania

Posted by Java Apps Download on 05 Dec 11 - 1 Comment

Tornado Mania This is an action game that challenges in the great tornado. Where you will be able to control and master the wind movement to destroy your surroundings and get high points. Only with the speed and strategy you can control the vortex of the great tornado. Supported with cool graphics and navigation controls […]

Asphalt Urban GT 3

Posted by Java Apps Download on 30 Jun 10 - 10 Comments

Asphalt Urban GT 3 Game of the race in which there are various styles. Racing game that has its own sensations make progress faster road. Games where many sought the street racer in the world. This game support LCD resolution 240×320 pixels.

Excel for Java Phone

Posted by Java Apps Download on 16 Apr 10 - 8 Comments

Write your Excel now available for mobile phones. Running on Java based, you may write and create sheet. Make number in a row and column, etc. Java application Excel for java , may running on symbian os phone too. Some windows mobile phone also available to run the java apps. Just download the java jar […]

Mosquitos blaster

Posted by Java Apps Download on 12 Apr 10 - 3 Comments

Makes your mobile phone to remove all insects that hate annoying fequency. Mosquitos are insect that disturb our sleeptime. With this java application, you will free for mosquitos around you. The thing that makes it so effective is that the sound is at a very high, very annoying frequency, about 16kHz to 18kHz.  It works […]