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Amark Telefon Benchmark

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Posted by Java Apps Download on 27 Apr 10 - 2 Comments

Amark Telefon Bencmark, is mobile phone benchmark tools in java. With this java application, you may test your phone. About FPS (frame per second) , 3D and engine. Few test will running on your phone. If it all passed , your mobile phone will known the rate of ranking. Download the apps here : java […]

Excel for Java Phone

Posted by Java Apps Download on 16 Apr 10 - 8 Comments

Write your Excel now available for mobile phones. Running on Java based, you may write and create sheet. Make number in a row and column, etc. Java application Excel for java , may running on symbian os phone too. Some windows mobile phone also available to run the java apps. Just download the java jar […]

Auto Message

Posted by Java Apps Download on 07 Mar 10 - 11 Comments

Auto Message is an application java based for timing text message send. It may send your Short Message Service / SMS as time sets. It’s also may be used to sending SMS at the time. This apps usefull for sending text message periodically. Your mobile phone must support java , and support for multitasking java. […]